The last day of school (saddddd)

Guys I feel bad now , remember all the good times we had. And also bad times ,I am here to maybe talk to you guys for the last post. I wish to go back to EOEC again .all the amazing food and stuff . Alright , just some last words before good bye. I want you guys to be able to have fun in middle school, D’marques dude, I have 50%that I can’t go to either Bayview or cummer. I hope all of you have a great summer and I may see you guys again. Please , peace out ! Bye!

Coco (for everybody)

Dear class and Mr.lee ,

don’t be sad anymore for coco , Tracy, don’t be sad any more about coco, it’s not your fault . If you are still uncomfortable just remember coco is still in each of or hearts.and you are not the only one who is sad for coco . Haha, I bet that Cali is going to be mad when she comes back . Life has to go on. Just forget it and don’t be mad any more.Also guys please don’t remind Tracy about that anymore . Thanks



The AWESOME year

Hi everybody to day I’m going to talk about the omazing adventure in my Gr.5 class lets get started.

I was so happy being in Mr.gagnon with all my friends last year ,while I was working, Mr.McGilvray came and called some people into the next door. I didn’t know what we’re we doing and I walked in and I heard them talking about changing classes and I was so disappointed so I cried a little bit . So the first week I was not in a mood of learning I was only doing my homework . But after I liked Mr.lee he is pretty nice , but lots of stuff were totally not the same things .

I loved all gym clases that he thaught it was soooo fun. Soccer and dodgeball was probely the most fansinating sports ever!It was also kind of sad that we did not have a Valentines party. And I’m also jealous of other classes that had the party. On Halloween we did lots partying and eating stuff I loved it . We were also eating popcorn .oh,oh I almost forgot  the march break was amazing me my family went to blue mountain and ski for 2 days and also my friend came too so I lead the way.

I also loved the over night trip and it was awesome , play and explore all kind of  survival.and eat snacks, playing with friends at night, I pretend to be scared of Mr.Lee when he turned the lights off and tried to be a ghost.I also liked to talk with friends also the wolf game. I got a lot of people and got lots of health sticks. I also loved eating at the cafeteria with friends and telling jokes while we were eating , drinks and all kinds of amazing delicious food . But it was sad that we cannot eat our food in our rooms.Well it make sense , that don’t need to clean after us.

Thank you for listening ,if you enjoy please subscribe Creeper king in YouTube zand yeah thanks.Bye.


Fable haven

If you put a disease on your character , would your character survive ?

I think if I will put a Ebola on them they cannot survive because they are humans,they cannot have super powers because  they’re just humans . Besides they don’t even have they drugs to cure the disease.They only have medicines that will stop the disease from expanding . Will if they can survive maybes they are already in heaven. If I kept on putting on them the medicine will keep getting lesser and lesser and till the end. They have no medicine left in the world. They will automatically die , or the other characters from other books will heal them, but , they can’t go in each other book , so, no way.

Fable Haven

Reading Response

If the main character was invisible what will happen?

If the main characters are invisible , all of The Fable Haven book will Be lost .Because they cannot even continue the book because almost every character is the main character. You cannot even see another series coming out since they can’t even talk or do anything or maybe they can but very complicated because they can hear you but they can’t talk back to you or write on a standard piece of paper. Well, that might over run  loads of paper,if they don’t get a way to help him nor her.That why it’s extra extra bad to have the main characters all invisible .well ,also there some advantages ,the enemies or the demons won’t see them and getting killed by unknown peoples in my book , I do not know what characters do you guys have so I cannot judge your opinion, because I don’t know what book you read.

Battle ships

This board game is very fun to kids and easy to play let get started. The pack you buy should include 2 packs of flag ships and 2 pack of white stick and also 2 pack of red one ones. You should set up you board in the center of 90 decrees position. put the air carriers small model in the holes exactly in. Mark all your all your shots at the top boards and white means miss  and red sticks means hit. White sticks should be a mark of your opponent shot on the bottom of the border and stick it in. If the ship is all destroyed    GAME OVER, your opponent wins.

Fable Haven

If the main characters became a animal,Seth and Kendra was an animal, ohhhh, the story is going to be very interesting . Well, it’s king of painful because nobody can understand you and no body will listen to you, if their grandpa saw it, he is going to be worried about them . They not gonna enjoy animal food and drinks , and if their parents came, they might not even want them any more. So, maybe they are going to live forever ad a pet